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Small Businesses

SAVE TIME AND MONEY consolidating hardware into a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

Consolidating single-tasked, independent pieces of hardware by migrating to a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) saves on office space, salaries, maintenance and ongoing costs. Being in good hands is benefiting from the architectural security and resilience of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), either on premises, completely in the cloud, or a mix of both, with Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Inefficient, unsustainable, and cost-inflating systems have turned into best-practices by carried over from the previous century. No longer is it necessary to rely on single-instance machines that would inevitably fail, resulting in lost work, or time, be it 15-minutes or a couple of weeks, depending on your situation; a backup disaster turned adept failure, or snapshot frequency missing that big idea written just after the shadow-copy was initiated.

Today, with our HCI approach, stability and peace of mind comes at a minimum. Performance does as well when treated with our ethical approach of not packaging performance your organization will not appreciate now or in the future, while offering a path to greater performance to supplement your growth.

Retire your high-maintenance, downtime-prone, designs. Energy-efficient, always available, robust cluster of nodes are available today, for a small fraction of specialized solutions of old.

We specialize on clients already using MS Active Directory, though there are now many ID providers, so this is not a requirement. Expect a smooth transition with blissful-ignorance of your users.

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Your MPN Teams


We want to be your Chewy, Inc.

As dog owners, we remember the days when our dog ran out of food, missed something important, lost all their toys.

Actually, not since joining Chewy. Everything just happens automatically, on varying schedules from food, to toys and snacks, to prescriptions. 

It sounds terrible, but we literally never think about these things. We just enjoy our time with our animals.

So you enjoy your time with your product, and we’ll just be monitoring heartbeats in the background, going unnoticed.



We built an affordable platform so al may have access to their own fully-executive Internet property.

We want our customers to realize technology no longer limits how they run their business, or live their lives. Our vision is to for our configuration of our technology stack to intuitively adapt to every use-case it encounters.

Whether its a trial-run of working from home, or a beach with a mobile-hotspot, or being the one and only Cardano node in Thika, a suburb of Nairobi where a goat farmer is modernizing her small farm while operating a stake pool using Stack HCI to compensate for the unreliable electricity supply.

Whomever the customer, we design systems that help people with the upkeep and maintenance out of sight and out of mind.

In order to save on costs and allow time for new experiments, this means it is our goal to minimize the amount of time spent on support, by designing self-supporting, highly automated systems.



We believe that it is always better to never be dishonest, and doing what we can, where we can.


1: The nature of our the pro-bono services we offer are identical to the services and experience we give to our paying customers. The essential difference is the priority in relation to available time we are able to allocate to our pro-bono group of clients. Often, this has no noticable effect.

2: On our public facing products like application endpoints and websites, we may require that our logo,  company name,  be in a sentence explaining the service are provided free-of-charge, be placed in the footer or similar area of the service linking back to a relavent  PPDAC, Ltd. company page. This is not a hard requirement, and we have no problem supporting cases where this is undesired.