Cloud Migration & hybridization

Secure your digital organization by migrating to the cloud. By rebuilding your IT infrastructure on to of Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform you’ll untether your employees and assets from an on-site premises, freeing them to work remotely with a seamless office experience. 

Remote Technical Support

Having our remote liaisons assigned to your business gives you 24 hour a day, seven day a week access to all levels of support, from desktop support to handheld guidance and training over Microsoft Teams. Our support engineers carry many certifications, including Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist as a bare minimum. 

Software & Web Development

As .NET 5.0 developers, we build cross-platform software to suite your design specifications. We have experience working with the Twilio API for research studies. But we can work with any API, and have your programs run on any hardware.

If you have an existing .NET Core 1.0–3.1 project, we can help you migrate to the current SDK and runtime.

We contract a highly intelligent team of web  developers. Contact us today and ask for our case study brochure.


Things often asked.

As a Microsoft Partner, specializing in all-things-Azure, your project will be located in Azure, the greenest datacenters available, either by lowest price to you or particular region. For example if EASTUS2 is half the price of Central India where you and your customers live, you will receive two proposals, and the ability to run live tests to compare any region.

For websites, block and archive storage we are approaching as close as is possible to zero downtime with our hyperconverged infrastructure. Though Microsoft offers 100% uptime through use of Fault Domains and supporting products, we believe that we have already solved the less than 100% uptime issue by deploying out own fault tolerant nodes across Azure. This offers great savings for customers scared off at the doubling to quadrupling size of their invoice as they try to lock in that 100% uptime SLA with Microsoft Azure. 

While your product will perform most of its duties from the region nearest you, or that you choose. During updates we have a proven replication model that will temporarily move your solution to another node in our cluster. We cannot guarantee that the temporary replica will be in your preferred region, but as soon as your primary server resumes, it will immediately pull the replica back home. 

The regions are determined by speed, and availability to host temporary resources. Usually, this all takes place in the same region, sometimes on the same rack, but it is possible for your resource to make a cross-continental visit, only to return, never leaving the airport.

No, we love strongly-typed languages. When the web is ready to transition to such a model, we resume this service. In the meantime we do collaborate with wonderful web developers as clients while handling all of the infrastructure and maintenance. Let us know your requirements and we’ll see who get’s the most excited.

We are happy to migrate your site, usually pro-bono. It depends on your work, for example.

Contact our founder, Louis. He does this sort of thing for fun.

We even offer encrypted email!

Let’s talk about what you envision. There is nothing wrong with running on-premises, aside from relying on a specialized worker to be there. Even in your case, we can replace this salary and empower your users (let them reset their own passwords, we say) by keeping your on-prem infrastructure  but connecting it to the cloud. 

  • Microservices for Windows or Linux that provide server health metrics along with proactive downtime aversion techniques, such as using email or SMS alerts to inform you of any forecasted critical issues. If the issue approaches criticality, our software will generally resolve the issue automatically for non-destructive operations.
  • Extend the capabilities for research studies by extending your existing survey software, such as Qualtrics, to work with SMS, custom mobile or desktop applications with reminders, and conditional  branching depending on how your participants answer.
  • All of our software is fully cross-platform compatible. It’s no problem if you do not have the design specifications, we can discuss your idea and provide you with a free quote and flow-diagrams of how the system will work.



Okay, we’ll be glad to help you get setup on-top of our stack if you need 100% uptime, or on your own Azure subscription if you can settle for less. Fee’s vary by who you are, what you want, your motivations.

Yes, of course! Our mission is to truly decentralize Cardano. If you looked at how centralized these staking pools actually are, you would think twice before calling it decentralized again. In other words, the entire network is basically on the US East Coast, European countries with FTTH, and developed nations like Korea and Japan. That’s not decentralized for someone trying to safely avoid remittance fees in Qatar when sending monthly support home to Kenya.

Take a look at a map, and tell us where you want to delegate to. As part of our Cardano 2030: Year 1 Plan, we have a focus on South and Central America, all of Africa, and the great sub-continent that is India.

We will continue to buildup underserved regions as part of our ten year plan, ending 2031.